Useful Tips To Help You Buy The Right Type Of Floor Tiles For Decorating Your Home

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Floor tiles can enhance the look of any given space. Nowadays, there are several types of floor tiles available in the market. Companies like Tile Fix Tasmania offer a range of tiles to choose from. In order to select the right kind of floor tiles that are durable and also aesthetically appealing; the following factors may be considered:

Light colours

In order to make a given space look aesthetically appealing, it is important to select tiles of the right colour. For small size rooms, light coloured tiles may be chosen whereas for large size ones tiles in darker shades may be chosen.  Wood coloured tiles are also well suited for large size rooms. For more colour options while choosing floor tiles, expert dealers like Tiles Tasmania may be considered.

Experiment with designs and colours

If you wish to make a given space look appealing, experimenting with the colours and designs of tiles may prove to be a good option. Many dealers nowadays offer tiles in a variety of designs and colours. While choosing tiles of different designs, it is advisable to take into consideration the overall décor and style of the area.

Avoid compromising

In order to save money, many people choose inferior quality and cheap tiles. However, this proves to be quite costly in the long run. Installing floor tiles proves to be a major investment. It is hence important to select tiles that are of good quality. However, for cost effective options, the prices quoted by different dealers offering Commercial Non Slip Tiles may be compared.

Plan ahead

While buying tiles, it is advisable to measure the area to be covered and buy few extra tiles. This is important considering the fact that during installation, many tiles tend to cut and break. Keeping some extra tiles may help in compensating for the damages that may be caused during the installation process. The unused tiles may be returned to the dealers. Most dealers offer refunds on the unused tiles.

Choosing the right tile size

In many areas, installation of tiles may involve a considerable amount of cutting around the fixtures and fittings. For such areas, it is advisable to choose small size tiles so that the amount of cutting required is reduced significantly.

Checking suitability

While buying tiles, it is recommended to check their wear rating, also known as PEI rating. This rating may vary with the area it may be meant for. For areas that experience heavy foot traffic, it is advisable to choose tiles that are durable. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are quite durable and are hence well suited for outdoor areas.


Floor tiles can transform the look of any given space. Floor tiles are available in a variety of styles and designs. A suitable style may be chosen according to requirement and preference.